Self Service Laundry

We are conveniently located at: 3050 West Lake Road Erie, PA 16505

We have over 25 full size washers and dryers. To go along with basic washers our laundry mat has 12 extra capacity washers, 5 oversize load washers, and even an 8-load supersized washer to meet all your needs. We are open from 8 AM to 9 PM everyday. A professional attendant is on duty daily to help with questions or concerns. You have the option to do your laundry yourself or use our fast and easy drop off service.

For questions or concerns contact Owner Ralph Iarussi at (814) 835-5004, or email:

Dry Cleaning Services

How Dry Cleaning Works | HowStuffWorks

Suits, Shirts, Pants, Sweaters.  Click here for prices.

Commercial Laundry Services

Commercial Laundry Specific Site Located at: 1263 Brown Ave. Erie, PA 16508

Napkin and Tablecloth Rentals

Restaurant/ banquet linen rentals available in various colors and sizes. Request a Quote.

No Contract Towel Service

Economical Commercial Towel Service.  Request a Quote.

Commercial Pickup & Delivery Services

Iarussi Laundry Services will pickup, wash, dry, fold, and deliver your laundry back to you.  Hotels, Spas, Salons & Restaurants are among our commercial accounts.  Request a Quote.

Floor Mat Service

Iarussi Laundry Services offers high quality floor mats for uses ranging from entrance mats, use in restaurant kitchens, and for business’s with slip-resistant needs. Our mats protect carpets by resisting crushing caused by pressures of daily wear and tear. The mats are more effective in trapping dirt along with other debris, and in containing spills. All leading to an extended lifespan of business carpets/floors.  Request a Quote.